Important future changes in Austria and Germany

Important future changes in Austria and Germany

Many new reconstruction projects are scheduled to start in Austria and Germany in the coming years. Roadworks on major motorways and the construction of new bridges will cause great disruptions to the usual traffic. In this article we provide all the necessary information about these changes.

The Lueg Bridge in the Austrian municipality of Gries am Brenner is scheduled for reconstruction in 2025. This bridge, which is almost 2km long, is a crucial section of the A13 Brenner motorway. The planned roadworks will cause severe disruption to vehicle traffic, with only one traffic lane expected to be open in 2025. On some days, complete truck bans will be implemented in the area to avoid congestions. It is also important to note that some roadworks are currently ongoing in the Verona-Modena passage of the Brenner motorway – they are scheduled to end on May 25th, 8p.m., and have resulted in traffic diversions.

Austria's A10 Tauern motorway is one of the most important routes between Germany and Italy. Until June 2025, roadworks are going to continue in the five tunnels located along this road. However, the renovations will not be carried out in July-August 2024 in order to avoid heavy congestion during the summer holiday season. Two new bridges are also being built in the area – the bridge to Villach should be completed by mid-2025 and the bridge to Salzburg should be completed by 2027. However, renovation work on the Tauern Tunnel itself is scheduled to start in 2027.

Additional road works are also planned on the A8 motorway between Munich and Salzburg. The motorway will be widened to 8 lanes in the area near the German-Austrian border. The bridges on this road will also be subject to over a dozen reconstruction projects, resulting in further traffic disruptions.

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