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to work in Germany
Fono paveikslėlis
What is a

It provides recruitment opportunities for drivers by selected reliable logistics companies in Germany. is a division of the BusinessLink brand, which unites European businesses. At the , you will meet real CE drivers. The work is hard, as are the responsibilities: long hours, difficult situations, pressing deadlines, responsibility for the entrusted vehicle and cargo, and few opportunities to visit one’s family. However, we choose to do this job because we are strong. Here, you will find job offers, useful information and the opportunity to become part of a strong community.

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Why do CE drivers want to work here?
  • We are a responsible company that complies with the agreed conditions.
  • We visit and check each customer, and we review the accommodation conditions for drivers.
  • We pay one of the highest salaries in the sector.
  • We aim to increase the salaries of all our loyal employees every year.
  • We do not deduct the costs incurred for fuel or unintentional damage.
  • The management of the company is a haulier who is well-versed in the intricacies of driving work.
Didžiausias šio sektoriaus atlyginimas Lietuvoje

One of the highest salary for this sector

Our priority is to offer a competitive salary that is likely one of the highest salary for this sector.

Kiekvienas užsakovas patikrintas

Every customer is checked

We visit each customer ourselves to evaluate not only the working and living conditions of our drivers, but also what vehicles will need to be driven.

Sektoriaus senbūviai. Dirbame daugiau nei 9 m.

Veterans in the sector. We have been working in this field for more than 9 years

When many transport companies are remaining in the market for just a few years, we have worked consistently to make our CE drivers feel safe in a stable company.

Maža darbuotojų kaita

Low staff turnover

The drivers in the CE base trust us, because we not only strive for better working conditions, but we also maintain constant contact in order to solve any problems that may arise.

Sparčiausiai auganti įdarbinimo įmonė

Fastest growing recruitment company

Colleagues with a good deal of work experience are constantly joining our team of drivers in the CE category.

Įmonėje dirba tik lietuviai

We pay taxes in Germany

We care about every opportunity to ensure that our employees and their families can get additional financial benefits. Since we also pay taxes in Germany, we can help you get back the part of the taxes that belongs to you.

Awards and certificates

We have been recognised with these awards for good working conditions, timely and competitive remuneration, the trust of CE drivers and verified customers. All of this is a result of the hard work of our entire team and every truck driver. TOP Company 2019

Our company has developed a transparent business, by nurturing the company’s financial reputation, competitiveness, responsibility and respect for its business environment.

Creditinfo: Strongest in Lithuania 2016

We received the Strongest in Lithuania 2016 certificate from Creditinfo, which confirms that the company has a high credit rating.



Kiel Agency Erlaubnis permit

The Kiel Agency in Germany (Erlaubnis) issued us a permit which allows temporary staff to be employed in Germany.



DSS certificate

It should be noted that the company is included in the list of temporary employment companies and meets the applicable criteria.



Information and advice for CE drivers

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